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Largely indifferent. I appreciate it, but I never really got into reading fanfics, especially anime based fanfics, largely because I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep characters straight. This meant I only read a few fanfics of series like Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon, the ones with loads and loads of characters. Also, if I don't know the series very well, I feel even more intimidated about reading a fan's version of the story/series. And the quality often varies wildly.

I also tend to like the original stories as presented and don't feel the need to read some other version of a perfectly fine story.

Having said that, I do like to read fanfics for series I do like a lot and know pretty well, usually via word of mouth. If somebody has come up with an interesting point of view or tweak to an aspect, and does it well, I'm all for reading it. And there are a few points in the source series that could have been done better or weren't explored, and fanfics fill that in well.

So, I'm not a big fan, but I appreciate their place. If I find a good one, or one is pointed out to me, I'll read it happily. Hell, one of these days, I'll get around to finishing the handful that I have floating in my head.
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Not as much as I used to, but here's what I tend to gather up.

Books: got a lot of books, fiction, art instruction, history, nature and biological sciences, a few art of books. Just a lot. I've got a number of boxes filled with stuff from Auburn I haven't brought down and I do plan to put them up so they aren't all in storage. At least two full bookshelves, I'm sure. Three if I include the manga.

Comic books: got a long box and two short, need to get a new one. I need to go through and remove titles that I was never that into or don't like (for example: purge the individual issues of Countdown to Final Crisis; I still want my money back for that one.). I am currently actively trying to collect Metal Men issues, especially since they don't seem to be printing another volume of Showcase Presents to finish it.

Yarn: I've gotten into knitting and I'm pretty good at it. I usually buy yarn for a particular project, but I'm slowly building up a collection of yarns that weren't right for a project and might be good for another. Need to find something to put them in.

Clothing patterns: Mostly period costumes, but a few contemporary patterns. Largely for cosplay, but some are nice to have for clear look at what a clothing article looks like and how's it put together; excellent for wanting to create a costume or outfit for a character.

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