Apr. 17th, 2010

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Not as much as I used to, but here's what I tend to gather up.

Books: got a lot of books, fiction, art instruction, history, nature and biological sciences, a few art of books. Just a lot. I've got a number of boxes filled with stuff from Auburn I haven't brought down and I do plan to put them up so they aren't all in storage. At least two full bookshelves, I'm sure. Three if I include the manga.

Comic books: got a long box and two short, need to get a new one. I need to go through and remove titles that I was never that into or don't like (for example: purge the individual issues of Countdown to Final Crisis; I still want my money back for that one.). I am currently actively trying to collect Metal Men issues, especially since they don't seem to be printing another volume of Showcase Presents to finish it.

Yarn: I've gotten into knitting and I'm pretty good at it. I usually buy yarn for a particular project, but I'm slowly building up a collection of yarns that weren't right for a project and might be good for another. Need to find something to put them in.

Clothing patterns: Mostly period costumes, but a few contemporary patterns. Largely for cosplay, but some are nice to have for clear look at what a clothing article looks like and how's it put together; excellent for wanting to create a costume or outfit for a character.

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