Finished the scarf last night. Final length of main scarf is just over 59", so just round up to 60". The length is about right, enough to wrap around the neck twice, if a bit long when wrapped just once. If wrapped once, it does allow you to wear it more loose. It is a bulky scarf at 8" wide, and kinda shows how translating a design from one medium is a little different in real life. I still think it's pretty good.

More photos of scarf here. )
I really need to make a couple knitting icons.

Anywho, been working on that Natsu scarf for [ profile] lycorne, and we decided to go with a very basic pattern that's called a basket weave. It makes the squares very easy to see whereas the pieced together pieces weren't going to be so clear. Below is the progress I have so far, which is currently about 42in and just wraps around. I think 60in. will be enough to get the right length, but may go as far as 70. We'll see.

Well, here are the final swatches of all the yarns I got to test with. I'm trying to emulate Natsu's scarf from Fairy Tail, so this involves piecing knit panels together.

Example and swatches behind the cut )

Other than piecing together, I'm sorely tempted to use a large basketweave pattern. It'll be straightforward squares, easy to do, just won't have the pieced look.
I've been playing around a little this week making some quick sets of panels to make test swatches. The thing with the scarf is there's no real indication of what Natsu's scarf would look like in real life, so the immediate challenge is to guess how it would go together. I'm guessing the best way to get the look is to connect panels made of garter stitches, and that will get the grid like look. Below are samples made from top: a loose, fuzzy bulky yarn, below: worsted yarn.

Those familiar with Fairy Tail and Natsu's scarf, which one looks better? I'll do a few more test swatches and post them later for a final comparison before moving on to the actual scarf.

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