I got contacted by my hosting company about the recent hack to my website. It turns out they took advantage of a security hole from my Wordpress account and got in that way. Yeah, there's a reason they have all those frequent updates and patches. I know I've been pretty lax about updating my Wordpress versions because I don't use it all that much. Yeah, not going to be so lax again.

I did get a placeholder image and new index page up to replace that annoying hacker's page. I will upload my current portfolio site to its directory tomorrow. After that, I need to work on updating but my work portfolio site and creating a personal/creative website, and what I want to do with both. I've been putting that aspect off for a while.

In other news, I went and got some materials for my next knitting project. I was on Twitter and mentioned an interest in figuring out exactly what Natsu's scarf from Fairy Tail looked like, and [livejournal.com profile] lycorne expressed interest in it. Right now, I'm taking two initial trial steps before going into the full scarf project. First, to figure out the best stitches to use and how the panels would look together. I'll be using some leftover yarn to see how that goes first. The second step is to see which yarn will work best. From what I can tell, Natsu's scarf is pretty bulky looking, so I'm tempted to go with heavier or thicker yarns, but if I go too big it might not look right. That's what the below picture is of, a sampling of white yarns that should work well, ranging from worsted to super bulky. I'll start testing after I finish the blanket.

Natsu scarf 01: materials

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