May Update

May. 9th, 2010 02:26 pm
[personal profile] asatira
Things have been pretty good, if a little quiet around here. I finished teaching for the spring term last week. I think it went pretty well this time, I felt pretty confident about teaching this time around. Right now, it looks like I'll be resuming in the fall, and probably two classes.

Last week was the Flimp festival and Free Comic Book Day. I went to the museum first and enjoyed walking around seeing which artists were there doing workshops. The sidewalk art was there, as usual, but unfortunately it had rained the previous day and all the artwork wasn't as vibrant as it was originally intended to be, with the exception of a few where artists were touching them up. I ran into Al, a fellow portrait drawing classmate who had a gorgeous, bright image done that he was retouching.

I later hung out during the afternoon at Comics and Trading Cards for Free Comic Book Day. Offered a to do commissions, but only was able to do one. Still, kinda fun and I picked up Trinity.

Things are slow at work. I'm trying to finish up the newsletter for the ASU library and center, but got to wait on some submissions before I can do anything more that's major. I will hopefully get back to work on the next phase of my contract work, once I review what the next phase intails and what the client's comments are for the first few documents.

Other than that, same old same old. Trying not to get too stressed about stuff I can't control, nor about what I can and work on doing what I can. Family is planning a trip to Orlando at the end of the month, first vacation in a while. That'll be fun.
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