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Man, has the Internet been a pain in the ass these last few weeks. Usually works pretty well, but it has ranged from to non-existent over the last month. We've had the cable buys over a number of times in the last couple of weeks to address it, but it was out for most of the evening and only just came back within the last few minutes. Mom has charged me with looking for alternatives to Charter for internet service. TV service is fine, it's the Internet we need to address. So, any one in the area got any suggestions, I'd like very much to hear them.

In other news, a few of us on Twitter have expressed interest in seen The Secret of Kells in theaters. To my knowledge, the only theater in the area showing it is Midtown Art Cinema in Atlanta. It's opening this Friday. I know I cannot do it this weekend due to Zoo Weekend. It's a safe assumption that it'll be playing only during the next week (schedule seems to say it may be out on the 30th), though we could check if it'll be there longer.

So who's interested in seeing it and what day would be good? Only day I have to be in is Thursday to give an exam, but I'm free that afternoon.
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